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USWCC Women's Business Loans Access to capital for women in business

About Women's Business Loans

Access to capital is vital to the creation and growth of women-owned businesses -- but, remains an elusive obstacle.

We're here to help -- TODAY.

Remarkably, in FY 2013, women accounted for only 13% of the dollars loaned with backing from the Small Business Administration. As of 9/5/14, women-owned firms have secured only 13% of dollars loaned with SBA backing and, when including 50/50 owned firms - this figure rises to just 17%.

The U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce knows one of the key challenges women face towards generating revenue growth is access to affordable capital to launch and grow our businesses. We've been reporting on this failure for years -- testifying before Congress, providing reports, bringing members to the offices of Congressional leaders.  

Recently, women in Congress have determined to champion this market failure with calls for more emphasis on micro-lending and more funding for women's business centers. The U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce applauds Congressional leadership for finally trying to address this longtime market failure.  But, we also know that women need access to capital right now! 
We're not sitting back any longer.  The U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce is taking action. That's why Women's Business Loans was established -- to be a strong force for progress and opportunity for women business owners.

Women's Business Loans Provides Three Key Services:
  1. QUICK AND EASY, LOW COST TERM LOANS:  For firms with $75,000 annual business revenue, ownership of 2+ years and FICO (credit score) of 620+ with an ability to repay.

    In partnership with LendingClub, we are providing access to the new market leader for small business lending, quick/easy/affordable term loans -- and providing a $250 "Cash in your pocket" reward upon loan fulfillment. (You must secure your loan through WomensBusinessLoans.org to be eligible for the USWCC reward.* Go here to the home page to get started.)

    We believe this solution will provide relief for thousands of women-owned firms without all of the hassle of dealing with banks, alternative lenders and the onerous requirements and collateral required for SBA-backed loans (which may even include taking a control position on your home mortgage). And, we provide the $250 USWCC reward to help you maximize your cash.

    To find out if your firm qualifies, just go to our home page and start the quick and easy application.  Checking your eligibility will not impact your credit score.

  2. ASSISTANCE AND CONSULTATION: For USWCC member firms that do not qualify for the easy term-loan process from Lending-Club, we will provide assistance and consultation to help your firm get the connections and information you need to secure capital for your firm.

  3. EDUCATION, TRAINING AND MENTORING: Often, when preparing to capitalize your business, it is necessary to work through (or prepare) your business plan, cash flows projections and consider your market position, competition, distribution and options.  We're here to help you with every step. Join the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce for one of our upcoming meetings or contact us via live chat at http://www.uswcc.org.

When we focus our power, we shape our world.





*Firms who have already started the loan process through Lending Club are not eligible for the USWCC reward. Read the details.